petak, 10. listopada 2014.


So what is This is relative new social site,and it has been around for few years,but it become popular very very fast. A lot of teenegers are using it and most of users are less
then 20 years old.So the point of this site is that you made account,just like the facebook one,or account on any other social network,and then you have your wall,again just like in
facebook,and people can post on your wall,and ask you questions just like they can on facebook. But difference is that you can ask somebody anonymously so you will never who who asked
you that question. That is only point of this social network,and even if it doesn't seems interesting that are people who using it just because it is fun. Difference between this
website and fb is that you can't send messages and you can't do anything else other then asking and answer on questions. Even if you can ask someone question and post it on facebook wall,
this is not the case,because you have messages for this and you can't hide it that it was you. So there is no way in asking somebody something,without that he can find out he are you.
You can only make fake account,but this is just another story. And as opposite, is only used for this. So you can ask girl that you like,does she have boyfriend,or anything that
you want. But you see this is often used as a way to humiliate somebody,or maybe even you. If you reading this,and you have profile,there are great chances that you had been ask
something that had point of insulting you. So you want to know can you do something in order to found who asked you this question. Actually you can. As you see,there is software called
" tracker" or " hack"
It really doesn't matter what name you choose,or how you name it,the important thing is what does it do. It actually shows you IP address from the person who asked you question and if that
person have account it will show you their username. Pretty awesome,don't you think? Go on to learn more about this tracker. This tracker is really
awesome tool and if you are user of website you should have this program. Remember,hacking is not ok, but this is more of a tracker then hack for social website.
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